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"Midnight Waters" is finally named. Joel from the Philippines emailed me to let me know the common name for this tropical waterlily is Midnight.  It is 29 1/2" x 21 and is available as a giclee print. The picture was taken at the Minnesota Arboretum in the Japanese gardens.
"Slice of Summer"
20 x 29  This painting is available as a giclee print.  I had alot of fun with this painting and it will be a step by step demo in my book.
This piece was just juried into Watercolor West in Brea, California where it won a Daler-Rowney award.
"Draped Grapes" is a full sheet watercolor that has been accepted into the Missouri Watercolor National Show at the Winston Churchill Museum. This is my mother's tablecloth again which I paint over and over because she made it for me.
"Papa's Pepper" was titled after reading the book "The Shack" . I placed this arrangement on top of another artists book and decided that it could draw too much attention down to the bottom so had to make it more vague to keep the eyes up with the prisms. This piece has become one of my favorites!
"Recognition" is a painting of my daughter Suzy. She was visiting the Newport, Oregon  Aquarium and had this wonderful connection with this sea otter. It is as if they recognize each other as friends. The challenge was the glass of the aquarium to make it seem frosty and full of water condensation but that was the fun part as well!  I loved the fact that her angora hat mimiced his fur and the hood on her jacket mimiced the water. I felt this all led to a unified painting that flowed together well.