Gallery Two
Gallery 4
"Pear Tea"
18 1/2" x 14 1/2"
Again we see my Mother's tablecloth!  My love for unusual shadows seems to be never ending!  This photo session yielded several paintings, so the all day setting up and taking down is worth it! This  painting is published in SPLASH 7. from North Light Books and can be ordered on my home page.
The original has been purchased and resides in St Albert, Alberta!!! Marlene, I hope you enjoy it for many years!!! It has a good home!
"Golden Anniversary"
19" x 14"
This tea set was given to me by my father.  I loved it from the beginning but  since he passed away, it has become even more dear to me.  It is 24K gold and has an etched pattern in it.  I seem to do a painting to learn something new and real gold was a challenge.  I realize that computer generated images can't be very accurate on the web so you'll have to believe me.  This looks like gold! I have entered this in a national contest.  We'll see what happens.  Every judge is different and realism isn't usually preferred.  It is my choice, and you must always follow your heart.
"Summer Home"
22" x 14 1/2"
Look carefully at the center of this peony.  I was so carefully rendering this from my garden that I was completely unaware that I was painting an ant!  Once I realized it, it formed the title of the painting.  I think it's perfect to have him there as they are so important to the opening of these flowers.
This painting was purchased by Jane Welle of Bemidji, Mn!  She drove all the way to the Stable Gallery at Madden's Resort to purchase this! Thank you Jane!
  "Eggsactly Right"
  19" x 15" 
The lace in this set-up is a handmade piece so was very irregular, but that's what I like about it.  We all need to enjoy our differences!  I had to stand on top of a chair and have the eggs on the floor to get this angle but I think it gives it an interesting perspective.  It was one of those days when the light dances and bounces around, making everything shimmer and glow.  The eggs radiated light!
"Bananas Fostoria"
19" x 14"
This painting was so much fun to do. I love to play with my Mom's tablecloths and see what kind of shadows they can me the patterns of the shadows is the most interesting part! This painting is in the 108th Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Show in New York.
"Every Day's A Celebration"
21" x 17"
This is a painting I did about my dear friend Margo who passed away in December. She celebrated every day as a special day and brought joy to everyone she met.  I know she would laugh at this one and love it! More importantly I hope then to pass the joy of this painting on to others so that I continue Margo's work.
"Pears On Movil"
21" x 29"
This was set up on my dock with Movil Lake in the background. I wanted to try something different and so have combined my still life with a little landscape and I like the results I achieved with this one!
"A Pearfect Day" 
19 1/2" x 20 1/2"
This is another in the series of pears that I have been working on.  I tried to make the background feel like the ocean and give a sense of space. It has almost a surreal feeling to it I think.