Gallery 4
"Ancient Shadows" is my Mother's Squash Blossom necklace that she left for me after she died. I think it is quite old but don't know much about that sort of thing. This piece was juried into a show in Sedona.
"Dakota Morning" is one of my old Rugosa roses that I love so much. It catches sunlight on it's leaves and it seems to dance some mornings with light! It now stands about 6 feet high which is so amazing when we can have winters with -40F temps.  It was called Rugosa Morning but somehow Dakota seems to fit it better. That is where I was born and the wild roses are so beautiful.
"Monarch Mystery" is a large piece measuring about 21"x29" and is a watercolor also.  This is the butterfly that was mentioned in the American Artist Magazine, 2003 January issue. He was in his final stages of life and I fed him for 5 days and was able to pose him for many photographs. I think he knew me as he would get very excited when I would pick him up...I think he knew I was the source of food just like any pet does.  The large black dot at the base of each wing identifies him as a male.  The original is owned by Merit Care Hospital in Bemidji, MN.
"Safe Haven" is about 2 fledgling birds who have come out of their home and found a safe place in these huge white dahlias. It is late afternoon and the shadows are falling. We know they will be safe for the night.
"Sweetpeas" is a full sheet watercolor from a picture I took in my garden. Every time I plant them I am overwhelmed by their wonderful smell and promise myself to plant them again. My object in this painting was to compose a rather abstract piece by making the vines become more of the focal point then the flowers. This sets up a nice pattern of shapes that I find quite interesting.