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"Aglow" -  This just happens to be one of my favorites! It is a beauty in the garden as well. Backlighting seems to always make a flower seem to glow!
This is "Zelda's Zinnias" and it will be in a book by International Artist entitled "How Did You Paint That?" and will be out in the spring. Mom's tablecloth is really getting famous! The more I paint this tablecloth the more familiar I become with it which makes it easier  to paint. It has such strong design elements in the shapes that it always makes for an interesting background.
"Sundaes On Padre" is a painting about some of my father's favorite things. He loved ice cream and these were his special ice cream glasses and shells he and Mom picked on their trips to Padre Island, Texas.
"Memories Of Jeri"
This painting was designed in Manzanita, Oregon when I stayed in a beautiful home offered to me for several weeks.  I loved the light on these Italian dishes and her tableclothes were such fun!
"A Passion For Peonies" was  purchased while in the drawing stage. It was hopefullygoing to become a competiton piece but the purchase won out! I really love this one and think it is one of my best peony paintings to date. These peonies were in the garden of my friend Susan Hoosier who has since moved to Washington.
"Milk Glass and Cherries" showcases a very old glass that my husband has drank out of since he was a child. It is amazing how it has held up along with 5 others! It was fun to catch the reflection of the tablecloth in the cherries and to document another old tablecloth.