Gallery Eight
"Zelda's Zinnias"
This painting is featured in a new book by International Artist called, "How Did You Paint That?" vol.2 of Still Life and Floral. I am very pleased to be in this wonderful book!
Zelda was a very close friend of my mothers, so I named this in her memory.
"Manzanita Morning"
This is from Manzanita, Oregon where my daughter and her husband live. The hydrangeas are so beautiful there I just can't get enough of them. I will have to paint some of the blue ones again as they are really special.
"Angels Keep Watch" was a commissioned piece I did for the Wagner family to showcase their dishes and textiles. It was interesting because I had to also use some of the Norwegian furniture and fell in love with this piece because of the amazing original color it had been painted.
"Inner Beauty" is actually the inside seed pods of a peony after nearly all the petals have fallen off. These pods are soft like a teddy bear and I think it is just as pretty when the flower is done as when it began...goes to show you there is beauty on the inside and even in the very end.