"Summers Gifts" --  I call this Summers Gifts because when I  pick the hydrangeas and dry them, it is a gift I enjoy the entire winter in my home. The shell was given to me by my father one summer. As usual, there is the lace from my mother. The water pitcher I used for a vase was made out of North Dakota clay by my mother-in-law. I hope this gives you the feeling that it is the small things in life that are the treasures and give us the true happiness! This is now available as giclee prints.
This piece was juried into the Red River National Exhibition.
"Morning Meditations" -- Every morning I am up at 5 am and the lighting can be so subtle yet beautiful. This is the light I tried to capture in this painting.  Sometimes it seems hard to find something to paint that is different but if you look around in your everyday life, those moments occur that are unique to you and your environment. I think having your own subjects to view for reference is the best way to paint because if you own them, you already love them so why not paint them for posterity?
Gallery 6
"Deep Enough To Dream" is a painting I did for missionaries in Romania. This was a real challenge as everything was poured cement it seemed and  wanted  to make it interesting and not appear all gray. I added subtle colors to give it a glow but hope it still gives you the idea of what their reality is. We are very blessed to have the wonderful conveniences we have here and forget too often so many have very little. I was once told that there are the "haves and the have differents" which meant that they have so many other things that make up for what they do not have. They usually have very strong family relationships and lots of love and joy which we do not always have.
"Beltrami County Fair" is a picture of a neighbor, Beth, who had the most wonderful chickens at the fair. I learned that they carry them in backwards like this for judging. Guess it keeps them unaware of what is happening so they are relaxed. He was a beauty! Beth was very kind to pose for this even though I was only painting her back and the rooster! Her beautiful hair, that rooster and those ribbons were just begging to be painted and I could hardly wait to get it done. I think if I would have painted in some of her beautiful face, it would have taken the attention away from that wonderful rooster!
"Repose" is a painting I set up with my glads from the garden. It was so hard to cut them when they were just perfect as I know they will last longer in the garden but I wanted to paint them too so down the came! It is always hard to cut flowers from my garden as it takes so long to grow them and then I have to wait a whole year to see them again!