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This page was last updated on: 6 February, 2014
Watercolor is my chosen medium because it offers me the ability to express translucent light and sparkling shadows like nothing else I have tried. Watercolor is like magic for creating the feeling of light!  
Signature Member of Transparent  Watercolor Society of America
Visit  Watercolor Mania  my personal blog for updates on what I am doing in everyday life as well as art. There you will also find several step by step paintings.
My  book,"A Celebration of Light"  is available at Amazon.  I was recently interviewed in the French watercolor magazine, L'Art De L'Aquarelle and also have a double page spread of Draped Grapes in the book SPLASH 12 by North Light Books.
New Work
 Winter White Peony - 22 x 14 watercolor
This painting was place in an auction to raise money for the disaster in Japan. The final bid was $1800 and 100% went to ELCA Disaster Relief for Japan.
At Attention - 22x16  I happened upon this scene in Manzanita, Oregon. I could hear this little bird singing and found him perched on this house. I created the background out of my mind because what was there was too distracting.  The leaves provide a nice horizontal addition to an otherwise vertical composition.
Once Upon A Blue Moon - 22 1/2 x 14 1/2 watercolor 
I decided on the night sky with the moon because I often write poetry about Mr. Moon and Lady Lake on my Facebook page and have alot of followers with my writing. I thought I needed to start to incorporate Mr. Moon into some of my work if possible. It is what I would imagine a night garden would look like with a full moon overhead. 
Lean On Me - 22x14 This peony is priceless when the lighting is just right as it throws such wonderful shadows. I added the fence to give the contrast of texture next to the softness of the petals. I like the way it now is framed by the wooden fence.
Summer Shadows - 22x14  I have grown this peony in my garden for several years and I really love how it's petals are like thin paper and light passes through them.  The texture of that wonderful center is also so attractive to my eye as it adds interest to the entire painting.
Musical Pears - 29x21 The title is a play on the game musical chairs. I began this painting as a still life but had no idea what the background might be. Then my imaginagion took over and the pears materialized into this whimsical game with the frog surprised at the pear that is now out of the game!
Made In Poland - 29x21 This was so fun to paint with all the texture in the water and the high contrast of light making it feel very dramatic.  
Sacred Shadows - 22x21  Several years ago I was blessed to take a trip down the calm part of the Colorado River at Page, Arizona. It was so beautiful and so very quiet there and around every bend it was another possible painting. This has been juried into America's Parks II and will be traveling this summer with the show.

Make My Day - 15 x 22 While on a trip to Yellowstone I was delighted to find this lovely swan posing for me! He kept his eyes on me but never moved so I really was able to get great pictures.
Bumbershoots-15 x 22  I am always looking for something new to paint and just take pictures of anything to create reflections and I loved what happened here. It is realism meeting abstraction and was so much fun to paint!
Keeper of the Egg - 21 x 14 1/2 I saw this duck on this fountain in the courtyard of the Institute of Art in Chicago and just had to paint it. I put the egg in his hand to bring the unexpected into this picture.
Oriental Bliss - 21 1/2 x 30 I have been growing these in my garden this year. They are the double Oriental Stargazer lily. I just love how full of movement they are which made them so much fun to paint.